John Cage performance in a German church that could last about 600 years


So John Cage and a number of his homies have created a piece of music that will begin being played on an organ and will last the duration of its life. Pretty cool. Full article here.

But despite this being a truly amazing piece of performance music from the brain of Cage, part of me is just impressed by the lengths that he will go to, to continue being talked about after he’s dead.  I mean come on, not many people will have said of them that they died during one of their performances!

Seriously doe, this looks pretty incredible and I hope I get to hear a part of the piece before I bite the dust.


Back in the Blogosphere / Art in the Countryside

Long story short, I’ve not blogged for ages. Since my last post I’ve finished my degree, had some parties, led a music workshop at a High School, worked at Glastonbury, visited NYC for a fortnight, got a part-time job as a guitar teacher for Presto Music School, graduated from university, released the first new track since my E.P, painted, ran, slept, ate ETC ETC.

A lot of shit really. But anyhoo, I’m back blogging now because it helped me record articles, videos, songs, ideas I have that inspire my art and my goal of being a Music Therapist / Badass Sound Artist.

The first thing I’m gonna share is this article which has softened the blow of the realisation that I will not be living in London or Bristol 2013/2014. I was eager to hit the ground running after leaving university and continue making music in a thriving creative environment and instead I’ve returned to North Wales where there is piss all happening in that capacity to be honest. However after reading this article my spirits has been lifted and have happily settled in my garage studio where I plan to create music and other art and try to make an impact in this suburban utopia.

Art in the countryside – article

For the last two decades, art of all kinds has thrived in cities – and in London in particular. But as attitudes to the country change, more and more artists are fleeing the urban crush”


I’ve been very university heavy in terms of blogging at the moment but I have a deadline fast approaching and it’s all I really have time for at the moment.

Here is the finished EP ready for my Production module with the website links that support the Jack of the Suburbs project.

Mixing and Mastering

So I’ve not blogged in a while due to my university commitments living in my headphones or in the studio mixing and mastering my EP for its release 19th April!

I’m having a lot of fun writing the tracks as I haven’t spent this much time working on my own music before. It has however, been very demanding and tiring. Usually when I do written or design work I can listen to music as a distraction leavening the mundanity of the task (if any). However when writing and mixing my own music I have to be focused completely on the task at hand, often listening to just one section of a track on a loop for hours at a time to perfect the sound.

Also, then after I have finished mixing I would like to unwind by listening to music but my ears are worn out for the evening and have to sit in silence or half-heartedly read a few pages of Little Women to unwind.

All is good though and the EP is coming along nicely! 🙂